Electric Scooters in Minneapolis, MN

    At Corner Home Medical, we offer several models of mobility scooters. For help finding the perfect mobility scooter, give us a call or stop by one of our 12 convenient locations throughout Minnesota, including Fargo/Moorhead MN; St. Paul, MN; Rochester, MN; St. Cloud, MN; and Minneapolis, MN.

    Full-Size Luxury Scooters
    Our Golden Companion scooters enhance your life and take you to the places you’ve always had trouble getting to. Shop in the mall, attend sporting events, and enjoy the great outdoors with the unmatched comfort of your favorite new Companion!

    All models feature a new design for easy disassembly, an adjustable LED headlight, an ergonomic control panel design, and comfortable, fully adjustable padded armrests, just to name a few of our personal favorite features.

    Medium Portable Scooters
    Our portable models include LiteRider Scooters. The unique tubular design of these scooters gets you wherever you need to go in a style all its own. These scooters come with two standard cargo baskets, are easy to disassemble, and maneuver smoothly indoors and out.

    Compact Portable Travel Scooters
    Compact and portable and made just for you, the Buzzaround XL Series of scooters offer tight indoor maneuverability, smooth outdoor performance, and a stylish modern design. These scooters offer weight capacities from 300 pounds up to 330 pounds, a generous seat size, and wireless disassembly. Many more features are offered, and all models are backed by the best warranties in the industry!

    Heavy-Duty Scooters
    Our Avenger Scooter’s oversized tires with sporty mag wheels provide a smooth ride on most surfaces, inside and out. If you’re looking for both durability and comfort, this is the electric scooter for you.

    With an 18-mile operating range, a full-size captain’s seat for all-day riding comfort, a 500-pound weight capacity, and even an adjustable front headlamp and four-way flashers, this mobility scooter works great for those who want to tackle the challenging terrain of the great outdoors.

    Power Chairs
    We can help take all the worry out of purchasing a power wheelchair. These chairs blend the most technologically advanced components with superior designs to provide you with the best in quality, comfort, and style. View the Alante Sport, Compass Sport, and LiteRider Envy models on our website or at one of our retail locations.

    When you need help getting around your home, neighborhood, and beyond, call Corner Home Medical at 866-535-5335 to order you electric scooter today.