CPAP - Auto CPAP Machines

    CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, therapy machines help suffers of sleep apnea sleep peacefully and safely all night long. Sleep apnea blocks your airway and stops your breathing during sleep, but a CPAP machine increases air pressure in your airway to prevent it from collapsing during the night.

    With CPAP therapy, Minnesota sleep apnea sufferers sleep easier—your sleep will be less interrupted, safer, and deeper. Corner Home Medical provides a variety of CPAP machines, masks and products so you and your partner can sleep soundly.

    Corner Home Medical: Quality Medical Equipment at Reasonable Prices
    One of the biggest downsides to medical equipment is its price—you might pay thousands of a dollars for a machine that ends up being difficult to repair or that breaks down after a few uses. At Corner Home Medical, we do our best to provide you with affordable, quality medical equipment that can enhance your quality of life.
    We are committed to each one of our customers, which is why we can pick up and deliver medical equipment within 60 miles of any of our ten Minnesota locations. Almost all of our products come with guarantees and warrantees from between three and 30 days.
    Our 24-hour emergency service means we are on hand whenever you need us most. We also provide rental products if your product needs repair under warranty.

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    A sleep apnea machine for Minnesota apnea sufferers is a must for easy nighttime breathing. At Corner Home Medical, we can provide you with peace of mind and better sleep at a reasonable price. For more information, call us toll free at 866-535-5335, and browse our product selection below to learn more about each individual product.